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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Relaxation Poem

Close your eyes.

Inhale, exhale.

Feel your belly rise & fall with your breath.

Imagine your baby, safe & secure within your body, within your love.

Your baby is warm, held tight in your womb, floating within you.

Now imagine yourself also warm & floating on water.

Feel the warmth in your belly & radiating through your body,

To your back,


Down your arms

To your hands,

Back up to your neck ,


Jaw &


Now the warmth is moving down to your back again to your



Feet &


You are still floating on gentle waves.

Smell the salt water.

Feel the warm water wash over your body.

Float with the waves,

Up & down.

Breathe deep.

Inhale & exhale.

Your contractions come like the waves,

Rising & falling.

Feel the strength of your womb as it massages your baby,

Like a hug encouraging him into our world.

Inhale & exhale.

Feel your belly rise & fall.

Float to the top of your contraction & gently come down with it.

Be conscious of your muscles,

Relax your body.


Let go to allow your uterus to do its work, massaging your baby,

Keeping him warm.

Your baby is floating within you.

Inhale & exhale.




Friday, February 6, 2009

Can I have a Natual Childbirth?

You can have a natural birth. Many women desire a natural birth, but are scared of the pain. The Bradley Method(R) teaches you how to work WITH your body, to relax, to have confidence and not fear. Many women, even first time Mom's have natural births. You don't need to have an abnormally high tolerance for pain, you just need to be willing to work hard for something that has great rewards! There is no better feeling that giving birth naturally and holding your just born baby, knowing your great accomplishment. This is a moment that you will never forget. Make it a pleasant memory.

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