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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home School Holidays

Today was President's Day.  A few weeks ago we had a lot of snow and the local district had a snow day.  As a kid, I relished these days, but things are different for my children.  We do home school, and don't follow a strict calendar.  I actually forgot that today was a holiday until sometime this afternoon.

We did take the day off for the snow day, my boys spent most of the day playing outside, enjoying the snow.  I love that we have the flexibility to have school today, but take off other days, like last Friday.  Our home school group had a Valentine's Day party, so we took the day off and didn't do any "real" school work.  I like to think that even on the days when we don't do school work, we are still always learning through real life experiences.

I hope that my children will think back fondly, on our home school snow days, playing with each other in the snow, and our impromptu field trips and holidays. I think they will probably forget that we did school work on President's Day and Matrin Luther King Day.

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