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Friday, August 10, 2012

Religious Orders that Sell Goods/Foods

I am creating this list as much for future reference for myself as for others.  I have from time to time come across different religious orders selling coffee, chocolates, bread etc.  I'd like to create a list of as many as I can!  If you know of any that are missing, please comment, and I will update the post.

http://www.trappistmonks.com/    fruitcake

http://shop6.mailordercentral.com/trappistinecandy/    candy

http://www.monasterygreetings.com/   this site may have done all the work for me.... there are many products offered from various religious orders.

https://secure.redwoodsabbey.org/Store/     honey, greeting cards

http://www.monasteryfruitcake.org/products.asp     fruitcake, honey, candy

http://www.mysticmonkcoffee.com/store/storefront.php     coffee

http://seignadousoaps.com/     soap

http://www.trappistcaskets.com/     caskets, urns

http://www.abbeycaskets.com/     caskets

http://www.brigittine.org/monks/confec0721.htm     candy

http://benedictinesofmary.org/catalog/93     music

http://abbeyofreginalaudis.org/sitelive/index.htm     music

http://www.mountangelabbey.org/bookstore-christmas-ornaments.htm     Christmas ornaments

http://www.printeryhouse.org/ProdMenu.asp?cid=381   greeting cards

http://www.zazzle.com/saintcrown     t-shirts, religious medals

http://www.nunsgiftshop.com/    religious goods

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