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Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you really need all that stuff?

You're expecting a baby. There is so much excitement at this time of your life. You are preparing for your labor and birth as well as for life with a baby. Maybe you are planning a baby shower or registering for baby items. But do you really need all that stuff at the baby store? They will most likely provide you with a list of things you "need" for your new baby.

Now that I have 3 children, I've learned a lot about taking care of babies and all that stuff from the registries and stores.


  • sling, wrap or other carrier-great ways to carry your baby so that you don't need to spend money on swings, bouncy seats etc. Also baby can easily nurse in a sling or wrap while Mom is on the go!
  • nursing tank tops-I love these because you can wear them under any shirt and easily nurse without having to buy new "nursing shirts"
  • cloth diapers-try cloth, you will save $$
  • bed side rail or co-sleeper-it's easier to nurse frequently at night if you baby is close by either in your bed or in a co-sleeper of bassinet.
  • breast pump (if working outside the home)
  • diaper bag-or large purse that you can put some diapers and a change of clothes in

Waste of Money:

  • changing table-I have my cloth diapers in a basket that sits on the floor and now that I have older children I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor with them anyway, so why not get down on their level to change diapers too. It's good exercise!
  • crib-we've hardly used ours, all 3 of our babies have slept in bed with my husband and I, and have only used the crib for a few months before we tranistioned them to a big bed
  • wipe wamer-not a necessity
  • high chair-I personally think the seat that can sit on a regular dining room chair takes up less space than a high chair
  • pacifiers-let you baby nurse on demand and for as long as he or she needs for comfort. You will have a great milk supply and this will also delay the return of your menstrual cycles.
  • special hooded towels and wash cloths-they're pretty cute, but really a regular towel and wash cloth will do the trick just as well.
  • expensive baby monitor with video and room temperature ect.-as above, if your baby is sleeping in the same room with you, as recommended by the AAP, this is unnecessary.

*These are my personal opinions based on an attachment style of parenting. Every family is different and will have differnent syles of parenting. Use common sense when shopping at the baby superstores and remember that you don't reallly NEED everything on the list they will give you!

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