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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Third Trimester

Ah, the third trimester.  The homestretch.  Almost there.  And yet the uncomfortableness of pregnancy can be almost unbearable. 

I think that the uncomfortable things about pregnancy help a woman to prepare for life as a mother.  When I was pregnant with our first baby.  People kept telling me that everything would change.  Our lives would be so different with a baby.  And of course I knew that things would be different, because, after all, we would have a baby!  But I didn't realize just how different things would be. 

Being a mother does change everything.  Life is no longer about you or you and your husband, it becomes about baby and family.  Even the simple things like going to the post office or grocery store become an event.  You can't just run in and run out.....you have to get the baby ready, the diaper bag, the carseat, the baby carrier- and try to carry all of this and open doors and lock the car and carry your packages into the post office.....I'm panting just thinking about it.  Q: How in the world can women make this transition to motherhood?  A: The third trimester.

Ok, so I might have to explain my thinking a little bit.  During the third trimester you really start to realize that life isn't just about you anymore.  It hard to move, to eat, to breathe, to go to the bathroom, to put on your shoes!!!  It's hard to sleep and you have to get up every few hours to go to the bathroom.  I think that this is nature's way of preparing you for the baby that is about to come.  This little 7 pound bundle of joy will demand most of your time and energy.  This little baby will want to eat every 2 hours, even during the night!  See, you're already ready for this because you've been getting up at night for several weeks prior to your baby's arrival.  All the parts of your life that seem difficult because you are big and pregnant will still be difficult when you have to do them all and also take care of a baby who is dependent on you for everything.

I used to hear women talk about not even having time to shower, and I thought, "How can you not even have time to shower? Doesn't the baby nap?"  Then I found out the answer, when I was also napping right along with baby.  Suddenly the whole day had gone by and I had not found time to take a shower.  Wow, my life had changed and more than I thought.  But all of these changes ultimately were good changes.

I realized that yes, the discomforts of pregnancy had prepared me for some of the discomforts of motherhood.  But despite the changes in my life and the juggling of baby and packages and groceries, I had become a better person.  I learned how to truly give of myself.  I learned that I had been a lot more selfish that I realized.  This little baby was so special that I would do anything for him.  I learned how to love more deeply than I knew I could and the joy, peace and love that he brought to our family is priceless.

I just smile to myself when I hear women talking about the discomforts of their pregnancies because I know that they are being prepared for a special journey-motherhood.

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