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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've always been a proponent of baby wearing. I own two slings, a structured front carrier and a framed backpack carrier. I love my slings and have used them with all 3 of my babies. I love that I can nurse my baby and still walk around and do other things.

But I recently decided to be brave and try out a wrap. I was intimidated by the complexity of them. My sling was so easy to put on and slip baby in and out. But I was intrigued by the way the wrap is worn, over BOTH shoulders. I did find that after wearing a sling for a long time that my shoulder would get sore or I would feel like I needed to change shoulders.

After getting my wrap, I realized that it is not as complicated as I thought (I will note that there are MANY ways to tie a wrap, but to start off I'm just using a basic cross wrap). I was actually able to carry my baby comfortably the first time I put it on! There are many great videos and websites that review how to tie a wrap. I love that it distributes the baby's weight evenly and is very comfortable. I'm still learning to nurse my baby while in the wrap, in other words I haven't nursed him in public in the wrap...just at home.


skip ahead in time a few months
So, I am still using my wrap, although, now that my little guy can walk, he seems to prefer that mode of transportation.  I like my sling especially for putting baby in and out several times.  The wrap is most comfortable, but does take some time to tie, so is best for a longer walk, or when you know baby won't be in and out very often.  I do prefer the structured backpack for a strenuous hike (just can't nurse him while in that one).  The Snugli front carrier?  Well, I guess I prefer the sling or wrap because baby is held closer to you and can be worn skin to skin.  Again, no breastfeeding in the Snugli or Baby Bjorn.

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