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Friday, September 17, 2010

Formula is not evil

I saw something on a friend's page about "people who think formula is evil".  I know I have written posts about this before, but just had so post something again.

I don't think that formula is evil.  I don't even think it's bad.  I don't think anyone is a bad parent for feeding formula to their baby.

But, let's be honest, formula is artificial human milk.  It is a substitute for what God gave us to feed babies, breast milk.  Formula has it's place and has even been used with good outcomes for some babies.  But formula will never be and can never replace breast milk.

Breast milk is what babies need, especially in the first few days and weeks of life.  Breast milk also has many benefits to baby and mother throughout the duration of breastfeeding.  The number of women who truly cannot breastfeed is very low (2-5%).  All other women and babies are physiologically capable of breastfeeding.  Allergies to breast milk are extremely rare.

In the US, many women have to go back to work after they have had their babies.  I am one of those women.  I do know how challenging it can be to breastfeed, pump, and work.  I also know that it can be done.  It is not easy, but also not impossible.  I do realize that some parents do not choose to use formula, but rather do so out of necessity and I respect that.

I believe that the vast majority of babies should be breastfed and that they and their mother's would all be healthier for it.  Formula is not evil, but I also don't think it should be used to liberally.  I guess the high monetary price tag is not enough to deter many parents from choosing it.  I encourage parents who are thinking of choosing formula over breast milk to: 1) read the ingredient label on a can of formula, 2) taste it, 3) know that if you ChOoSe to use formula you are passing up something that is better and also free.

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