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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cool Mom

When I was pregnant for the first time, I remember thinking that my life wasn't really going to change that much.  I thought I would keep the same friends, keep the same hobbies, workout everyday, and be a "cool mom".   People kept telling me how much my life would change after I had the baby, but I just wouldn't listen.  Looking back, no matter what anyone told me, it could not have prepared me for motherhood, it has to be experienced.  I was sure though that I was going to be the cool mom.  The mom, that all the other kids wished they had.  I would never go out in public wearing sweat pants and no makeup.  I definitely wasn't going to wear granny panties or buy frumpy "mom" clothes.  I just couldn't understand these moms that I would see, who didn't care about themselves or the way they looked anymore.  I was not going to let that happen, no way!

Now, I have 4 kids.  I have been pregnant 4 times and would consider myself to be an experienced mother of young children (I know....I still have a lot to learn, I have not been the parent of a teenager yet).  I'll admit it, yes, I have gone out in public in sweats, without taking a shower that morning, and with no makeup on.  Let's be honest here, sometimes you just don't have time to take a shower or do makeup....and sweatpants, just fit better.  Same thing with the mom clothes and granny panties, they just seem to fit the post-pregnancy body better than the clothes in the "juniors" section.  Well, I guess I'm not as cool as I thought I would be, afterall.  But ya know what?  I don't really care that much about being a cool mom anymore, I just want to be the best mom to my children that I can be.  I can love my kids, clean up after their messes, and teach the right from wrong wearing sweat pants. Heck, I'm probably a better mom in sweats than I am when I'm wearing clothes that I don't want to get dirty.  My kids are still young enough that they think I'm pretty cool, I'm sure in a few years that will change, but I'm OK with that now.

And I do have some non-granny panties that I save for date night with my husband :)

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