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Monday, April 4, 2011

Every Birth is Different

I have recently been to a couple births with second time moms.  Neither of them had the experience they were expecting the first time around.  Although, I dare to say that not many of us know exactly how our birth will be ahead of time.  In preparing for their next birth, both of these women prepared to have a repeat of their first birth.

I did this same thing when I was pregnant for the second time.  My first labor was fast and furious.  With my second baby, I prepared myself to have a repeat experience.  My second son, however, taught me that he had his own unique personality and was not going to be like my first son.  Labor is a dance between mother and baby.  I believe that I have seen a glimmer of each of my baby's personalities during his/her labor.  My second labor was twice as long as my first.

When I was pregnant for the third time, I let go of all expectations.  I know that my labor could bring anything, and I prepared myself to welcome whatever it might bring.  My third and fourth labors were each unique, and I tried to approach them the same way I did my first, without any preconceptions, and open to whatever my body and baby needed in order to birth safely.

Now, I do think that women who have had many interventions during their labors, might prepare for a second baby, by learning what a normal, natural birth usually looks like, and learning when those interventions are truly necessary.

If you are preparing for birth, welcome it with open arms, just as you welcome your baby's unique personality with open arms.

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