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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doula testimonial

Doula testimonial for Amy Lynch, RN, BSN, CCCE, CLE
February 5th, 2011

     My Name is Kara. I delivered a  healthy baby boy, Isaiah Charles, a year ago, February 13th, 2011. I am amazed that he will be a one year old only 8 days from now; I am even more amazed that I made it through his delivery! lol 
     Isaiah's delivery was beautiful, in that I was able to deliver him naturally as a water birth, but his delivery wasn't without trials.  
     I was participating in a 10:30am Zumba class on the 11th when, unknowingly, my water broke up by my ribcage.  It felt to me as though an air bubble had popped when he kicked up on my rib; I had no idea that my water had broke.  I contracted for 24 hours, none of them measuring enough to cause awareness of labor.  10:30am the following day, the amniotic fluid had pooled enough to start releasing and I realized that it had broke.  I went to the midwifery center where I was to deliver him and so began the wait...the LONG wait for his arrival.  I was also GBS+ so I had IV fluids running through me the entire time so my worry about the delay of labor, post bag of water bursting, was not that great.   I was trying hard not to worry or lose focus.  But I was becoming rapidly exhausted, discouraged, and worried as the hours past.  A bit about my history: Isaiah was my third full term delivery, but I had also had 5 consecutive miscarriages prior to him; 6 in total.  To give you the best idea, with the miscarriages, he was my 9th child in less than 5 years!  Therefore, I believe my body and mind were more worn out and on defense than the average delivering mother.  I am telling you all this, for it truly sets up an understandable view of how it felt when Amy Lynch came through the door;  like a breath of fresh air. 
     I had already been laboring for quite some time, with little to no progress.  I was starting to really feel frustrated, tired, and a bit embarrassed for the fact that there were those sitting with me as support and nothing seemed to be happening.  I was starting to wonder if I was even really in labor.  Amy stood by me the entire time, encouraging me, motivating me, and educating me through suggesting things that helped toward aiding the progression of labor.  Amy's soft-spoken, educated, loving sentiments were always at the perfect time. She was there when needed, but never in my face.  
     Amy also respected that my Husband and I were in the delivery together and really was conscientious about giving us our space.  
    Amy was always able to give me advice, suggestions, or support, at the exact time I needed it most.  I think a lot of Amy's sensitivity and knowledge, of how and when to say things, comes from the wonderful and beautiful fact that she has delivered four children, naturally, of her own;  Amy knows what you are going through and is very empathetic.  
     When the time finally came for the delivery of Isaiah,  I was completely, physically, emotionally, and mentally, "DONE."  I had delivered many times before, and Never had felt the way I did.  I truly believed that I wasn't able to push him out.   And yet, through the dizzying whir of exhaustion and feelings of defeat, Amy was able to get through to me and encourage me to push him out.  Amy video taped as he was being delivered and I will be forever grateful to have her words of encouragement permanently documented on my video.  I will never forget how she and my husband seemed to make everything else disappear through their undying support and coaching. 
     My husband and I are blessed to say that we are due to deliver another healthy, miracle child in June of this year.  And I feel even more blessed that Amy has graciously agreed to be there for us for this birth as well!  I have to be honest in saying that I am a bit nervous for the day of labor, but I feel fully confident that with God, my husband, and Amy, there is nothing that I can not handle.  I know I will have full support and I won't be alone as we welcome the newest blessing to our family.
     Thank you Amy, you are a wonderful friend, nurse, and doula :)

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